Thursday, June 5, 2008

June Gip

So, time for another upcoming game roundup. No doubt at least one of these will get released pretty much as soon as I post this, as seems to have occurred before. Not really a bad thing!

Adventure: The Inside Job

A game character's game gets cancelled, but its not the end for her. This sounds all a bit Sophie's World to me, but it looks lovely. A combination of ripped art and music and new, it's an intriguing concept, so worth keeping an eye on.

Darkdevil County

This game has hand-drawn graphics which give it an unusual look. You play Magwyn, a girl who is trying to give blood against a backdrop of fantasy, war and mystery!

Laundry Day

This game is apparently finished, but not yet got a host, but features cute wee characters trying to get their washing done. Written by non-n00b n00b Ogre, the art looks pretty nice.

Galactic Battlefare

Spanish storyteller Alarconte looks to have some pretty nice art going on here, although some kind of hard disk crash seems to be holding things up, unfortunately. You play Lieutenant Leen Nyala, a Loyal Russian Consortium fighter pilot found accused of mutiny, and the rest remains to be seen, but looks lovely.

Vacations to Pay

This game pits you against the might of capitalism as your try and earn some money to fund your forthcoming holiday. Nice graphics so far, although the story seems a little thin or maybe just undersold.

Norbi's Quest 1.5

Some of you may have played Norbi's Quest 1 and 2: well this interquel fills the gap in between (in true Yahtzee style!). Screenshots look good, but not much more info as yet.

DragonKnight: The Begining

The Eragon-esque story follows a boy reared by a blacksmith (who is not his father) as he discovers about the dragons that inhabit the realm. Graphics are a bit mixed, but there seems to be a lot of though behind the plot. A very simple demo of locations is available.

Ben Jordan 7: The Cardinal Sins

This series needs no introduction, and the latest instalment has Ben Rome-ing around the Vatican... but the news is that Grundislav has promised to get this out by August 12, 2008 in time for "Les Mittens".

Way of Now

Young Philipe is told that his destiny of fame and glory is easy to realize. Carrying only a backpack with spare clothes, he sets out into the unknown, not quite sure what to expect. Unfortunately, he picks up something that doesn't belong to him and has to run for his life as a large, angry mob starts chasing him. This ambitious-looking game has simple graphics but has an intriguing "belief points" system.

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  1. Good work with the blog!, Yes, this months (and forthcommings) can be atracttive in game releases.

    My thing with delays 'cause the hard disc crash, is not at all as you say... The hard disc crash denies me the oportunity of put a lot of 3d space work in the game, but I hope -for gods sake- that finally I can restore the data and retrieve my lots of 3d ships ^^

    The actual delay to finish the demo is the final exams of university, (all this month), and the lack of productive betatesters xD but every thing in his time!


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