Monday, June 9, 2014

Adventure Games Museum: Exhibit #6

EXHIBIT #6: Beneath a Steel Sky (1994)

Funny story behind this one, the box was in much nicer condition but I decided it would be a grand idea to take it with me to London Super Comic Con (where Dave Gibbons was doing signings). With a copy of BASS and a nice silver sharpie in my inventory I waited in line to meet Dave, unfortunately it was only a 1 hour slot and signings closed before I could get to the front. I returned with a somewhat beaten up box and a side-quest never to be completed D:

The box includes a technical manual, security manual and two copies of the intro cutscene in comic form, not sure why there's two (can anyone add some insight?) one of the comics is smaller and on rough paper whilst the other bigger and on gloss full colour.

The security manual has some nice details. 

By Chicky

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  1. The bigger glossier intro cutscene is a poster, the other for reference?


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