Monday, June 16, 2014

Adventure Game Museum: Exhibit #7 & 8

EXHIBIT #7: Official Sierra & Lucas Arts Magazines (1990~1992)

~ Sierra News Magazine Volume 3 Nr. 1 Spring 1990 ~
~ LucasArts' The Adventurer Nr.2 Spring 1991 ~
~ LucasArts' The Adventurer Nr.2 Spring 1991 ~

Collage of the 3 mags

I made a pdf of the Sierra News Magazine, which can be downloaded in 3 flavors:

by Arj0n

EXHIBIT #8: LOOM (1990)
Front and back cover:

What's inside the box: three 3.5" floppy disks, manual, Book of Patterns with glasses, LucasFilm catalog, a cassette and a bunch of leaflets.

Beautiful booklet where you could write the notes for the spells you discovered along the way. Many spells do not appear in the game though.

Red glasses again serve as a copy protection.

And the best thing of all. This, my friends, is the most original intro ever: a 30-minutes long audio drama! Talking about immersion, eh?
You can listen to it here:

By Gribbler

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