Monday, June 2, 2014

Adventure Game Museum: Exhibit #5


Front and back cover:

What's inside the box: 
five 3.5" floppy disks
Mix 'n' Mojo Voodoo Ingredient Proportion Dial wheel

Screenshot descriptions are just priceless!

Just like SoMI, Monkey 2 also has a code-wheel as copy protection - this time you have to set correct proportions of voodoo ingredients.

Did you know?
- Guybrush can die! Just wait a few minutes and do nothing when you're suspended above the pool of acid. You'll be lowered into it.
- The Amiga version of the game was nicknamed Disk Juggling Simulator because of constant disk swapping.
- One of the books in the library on Phatt Island is called "The Majesty of the Sierras". You can get it from the librarian.
  When you look at the book Guybrush says: "Sierras? Majestic? I think not."

By Gribbler

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