Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is it possible to write an RPG with AGS?

I've pondered over this for a long time. Today, Radiant gave a wonderful answer that I shall just copy paste.


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Well, fellow adventure gamers, let me tell you a little story. Years ago, when I was new to AGS and all I had written so far were some action/puzzle games, I first came across this site and thought it was awesome (and by the way, I still think it is awesome, and more so every year). That's basically because I grew up with adventure games, and I learned English by playing King's Quest and Space Quest and figuring out what commands to type. So obviously I made plans to write a game in AGS, but since I was doing puzzle games I was also looking into other genres than just adventures. And then I noticed this thread or its predecessor: is it possible to design an RPG in AGS? I thought about it for a while and concluded yeah, sure. As far as I know, back then nobody had actually done any RPGs yet, so I decided I would go and write an RPG, and then make a post in this thread here containing just the word "yes" and a link to my game. Well, it took awhile; game design takes up quite a bit of time and real life has a tendency to interject itself every now and then, so it's now almost ten years after I first registered for bigbluecup. That means that there have been several RPGs made before, and nobody has to prove any more that something is possible in AGS because we've all seen how versatile the engine actually is. That said, RPGs are still great and so are AGS games, so there's always room for another AGSRPG; it was fun to write one and I hope other people remain inspired to write more. So without further ado,

The yes, happens to link to the game's download page. So go ahead play it.

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