Monday, December 23, 2013

Better late than ..

So there I was, at the wonderful irc channel of the AGS Archives, chit-chatting. Then, qptain Nemo, a wonderful russian bimbo, suggested I play his recent games. Twas only a glimpse that I decided to do as he pleased. And I came across one of the funniest and most bizarrely wonderful creations attributed to the AGS community.

It won the OROW8, it won my heart, it's amazing. A game created by qptain Nemo and Pablo, I have to say this is a wonderful collaboration, reminding me of Calin and Ben304, only with a twisted sense of humour.

Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit
by qptain Nemo and Pablo 

It contains bitchslap. What more do you want from a game?

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