Sunday, December 29, 2013

Food for Plot: The IceyGames Memorandum

Iceygames has been getting some attention, from Gamnesia, after his interview here. From which I'd like to quote this part. [ Pub Master Quest will be running an Indie gogo campaign in the coming months to accrue the funds necessary for its creation and potentially gain support from publisher Square Enix. Icey stresses the 
importance of this campaign, saying that "getting help from [Square Enix] would guarantee complete success 
with the title." ]

Icey is going with this somewhere, but I strongly feel the best section he should be focusing is his art, which is really turning out to be fantastic, honestly. Anyhow, here follows the trailer, but i can't say i expect anything game-wise.


  1. At the rate things are going, one day soon I'll wake up and find Icey has become an official part of Square-Enix....

    The world has become a very strange place. O_o

  2. Fear not, brave Ponch. I assure you that PMQ on the Wii U with non-financial support from Square Enix is becoming a reality. Now that I've joined the team, we cannot fail.


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