Saturday, December 3, 2011


Kind of old news, but well, busy bee. Nikolas Sideris has won a BAFTA award for his musical score, for PRIVATES a game created by two people familiar with AGS, Lemmy and Binky.

So congrats! !

Nikolas commented and I quote:

I would never have guessed a PW thread would end up in here... but I should have mentioned it here! After all all four of us are from AGS somehow... Lemmy (Chris), Binky (andy), Dan and Nikolas are all AGS members...

Thank you all!

And yes, we've been hired to do the next Nancy Drew game (Actually Thomas is in lead of that, while I'm keeping myself busy with Resonance and JOI (though I need to commit a tiny bit more to the latter.)...

I do hope to be in GDC this year, along with Dave, Thomas and Vince XII among other people and perhaps score some more games! ^_^

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