Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: Blackwell Deception

Today, Wadjet Eye Games has released its newest game, which happens to be the franchise that Dave Gilbert himself, is to blame for.


The changes towards some directions that Dave Gilbert has made, only feel natural and correct. The mouse cursor changing color to indicate which character you are controlling, is just one sprite, but really works magnificent. The control interface is basically the same, and takes zero time to get adjusted to - and if problems arise, Dave has integrated a tutorial so neatly in the start of the game. I am really impressed by how easily and naturally issues, that would bug you in the previous games, have been solved here.

With that said, I found the menus a bit generic to be frank. Perhaps I am nitpicking, but they felt a bit uninspired, graphically. I am quite possibly nagging for nothing.


Hiring InCreator and Ben304, is probably the greatest team-up you could come up with. The background art and related animation, is definitely fantastic, and really raises the bar. A mix between 3D and 2D, really shows attention to detail, and makes every background worth it. About the character art, what can be said about Ben Chandler, that has not be said before? The animations are extremely fluid and retro-like, and there's a lot of diversity in terms of character designs. Initially one can rush to the conclusion that the character art and the background art, don't match, but I feel they give a graphical boost to the series that was perhaps needed.


Well, I don't want to spoil much, in fact I'd rather not say anything, but since I am forced to, by Scottish supermen, I have to say that the story is definitely bloody brilliant. It's probably like watching a nice movie, it kind of stays with you for a bit after it's over. I think also a sequel is due. The conversations between Rosa and Joey are still fantastic, and perhaps even more amusing this time.

The best thing about this game is that it plays like a standalone game. You don't have to play the rest first, though that would be nice. And unless I am mistaken Wadjet Eye Games offers all the Blackwell games in a DVD.


The music and voice work are still top notch, with the voice work feeling more natural than it did for Gemini Rue. It probably has to do with the fact that the team has been stabilizing a bit, but regardless this has to be noted. I also found the best part of the game to be the Developer Commentary. Unlike Gemini Rue where frankly I hated it's implementation, here, in Blackwell, it's simply fantastic.


The official Wadjet Eye Games, Blackwell Deception page.
A demo straight from the AGS Database
The Blackwell Deception topic, at the AGS Forums

The game is available for $14.99 (download) or $24.99 (limited edition DVD version). Note that the DVD will only be offered through this Sunday, October 16.


Blackwell Deception, the fourth installment on the series, has just one flaw for me. It leaves you begging for a sequel. The game is certainly the best of the series, hands down.


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  1. A lovely review, I couldn't agree more with. Cheers dear Dualnames and thanks for the link!

  2. Thanks so much, Duals! Happy you enjoyed it.


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