Monday, July 25, 2011

The Release Something POST-MORTEM


Now, that's out of the way, let's talk about what this is all about. Icey games/Studio3 had the idea of an AGS Show equivalent to E3. While that may sound a bit silly, and perhaps you're right, it actually is kind of silly, Ben304, in all his enlightening insanity, actually made it happen.

So, let me use the amazing powers of copy-paste to show you what Ben304 actually did.

We used to have these under the guise of a "Release Something", and while I never participated, they were great fun, it's amazing to see all the different members of the community showcase little parts of the
ir projects. I think having a date, an event in which you know people will be interested in this sort of thing and all your buddies will be doing it, really motivates one to tidy something up for people to look at it. And, if nothing else, it gives you somewhere to finally show off those couple of screenshots that you know aren't going to be in a game anymore, but you spent hours working on and might as well do *something* with, even if it does just mean posting them for people to go "oooh, I wish that was a game!" over.

As far as I can tell, the last Release Something was February 2009. We had something a little in the vein of this last year in May when ProgZmax set the mags topic to "Release Your Game" and the comp was clearly a great success - 6 entries in a MAGS comp is a great showing by anybody's standard, so the interest is clearly there.

That was over a year ago - perhaps it's time for another release something?

With no objections having arisen, I'm going to go and set the deadline for this activity as the 10th of July. You have one month to polish up your games/tech demos/demos/prototypes/vertical slices for release! Keep the sweet stuff rolling in guys, it's awesome to see!

So there. And I will also as a kind sir that I am, give you 2 things.
-Firstly, the link to the topic.
-Secondly an amazing GIF with (Almost) everything released. There are some games and demos in the topic, so check em out.


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