Monday, July 4, 2011

Linux love and pain

This review of Linux indies includes a couple of AGS games, although there are some comments on difficulties getting some to run.


  1. Makes me think it would be awesome if AGS engine people made it be able to create Linux/Mac games as well as Windows.

  2. Hello, thanks for mentioning my little review. It looks like Concurrence works fine too - just tried it now. I do enjoy indie games, so I might just devote a small post to AGS games, once I find other good ones. I'm still unsure how to get Ben Croshaw's games to run, I found them through TIGSource and know they are well respected.

  3. EDIT: not sure my previous comment yesterday made it through.

    Thanks for mentioning my article. I've found a few more AGS games that seem to run all right using Wine on Linux and I will probably publish another "indie" focused post soon.


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