Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gesundheit! gets ready to storm the App Store

Gesundheit, yes, that really promising game by Matt Hamill, has kind of abandoned the AGS platform, but will be released under publisher KONAMI for the iOS. The price is totally endearing for 40 levels of awesome. 1.99$

We can only hope that the game will eventually gain success and be ported for the PC. As for what happens to the AGS Build.. No idea.

Anyhow, here is Matt's personal website.
And below follows a trailer of sorts. Looks definitely worthwhile. I only wish I had an iPad/iPhone to get a chance to play this. I wonder if it's playable via Android Phones though.

And to quote directly the source of information: Gesundheit! is currently in review at Apple, and could be available on the App Store as soon as next week.

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