Saturday, April 23, 2011

Late news

Yes, OK, it was nearly 3 weeks ago, but AGS 3.2.1 was released! Here's the change list, including who made the changes including the person who did the coding, now that AGS is opened up:

  • Added Find/Replace In All Files capability (Tzach Shabtay)
  • Added GUI control snapping, alignment, grouping and locking to GUI editor (Steven Poulton)
  • Added loop cut/copy/paste, Flip All Frames and Import From Sprite Folder options to Views in editor, to access this right-click to the right of the loop (Tzach Shabtay)
  • Added RGB colour selector to the various colour properties (ProgZmax)
  • Added Characters option to room editor to show all characters set to start in that room (ProgZmax)
  • Added Find All Usages right-click option to script editor (Tzach Shabtay)
  • Added current co-ordinates display while dragging objects/characters in room editor (Steven Poulton)
  • Added syntax colouring to dialog scripts (Steven Poulton)
  • Added Dialog.ShowTextParser script property (CJ)
  • Upgraded to latest version of LEC template (abstauber)
  • Middle mouse button now activates the "Copy co-ordinates to clipboard" option in all the room editor modes (ProgZmax)
  • Fixed D3D tints not working properly (3.2 regression) (Nefasto)
  • Fixed crash drawing GUIs with no background (3.2 regression) (CJ)
  • Fixed crash restoring/restarting depending on state of crossfading (CJ)
  • Fixed intermittent crash moving objects and using the Ctrl+A debug option (CJ)
  • Fixed "crossfade buffer null attempting transition" if you restored a save game that had a different current transition type to the current game position (CJ)
  • Fixed script editor tooltips getting stuck if they appeared over the tab bar at the top of the editor (Tzach Shabtay)
  • Fixed editor error if you deleted a room that a character was set to start in (CJ)
  • Fixed co-ordinates displayed in room editor not reflecting Low-Res Co-ordinates setting (ProgZmax)

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