Tuesday, October 20, 2009

David and the Devil

Title: Fad Of Devil's Hash
Release date: 15 July 2001
Playtime(*): 216
Size: 620Kb

I'm a collector. I can't rest until a collection is complete. So I'm looking for all MAGS games and won't stop until I have them all. Since last weekend, after quite some digging in old forums and websites through archive.org, I found a name of a still very active AGS member. He hosted this game for a very short amount of time so I took the chance and wrote him, expecting the reply that after 8 years the many crashes and PC replacements, it wasn't possible to salvage any of the bits.

But to my surprise I received the positive message that after his digging and dusting of a huge pile of disks, he managed to find the file I was looking for. Thanks Dirk!

It's an entry of Monkeyspank, called the Fad of Devil's Hash. It's about the Devil in David Hasselhof (hence the title). It's from the second MAGS competition (July 2001) and the rules were simple (as is the game):

- One room (CRM file)
- Any number of characters or objects
- A photographic image of a famous celebrity!

A very short game but fun to play. You can find it (again) here.

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