Friday, July 17, 2009

Post of the Week: Take Heed, 3 , 2, 1 Fight!!


Ben304, is really planning on making all the nominees and nominated on the short game awards this year. He has already released two gems. Shifter's Box and Annie the Paranoid..emm..Annie the Android. The story is about you travelling to find the purpose of your existence. Wow, now that's some deep sh*&^. (:P). The game is really good and smoothly playable, and the story is really;as usual; extraordinaire. You can download the game here.

-Anarchy on the US--emm-Mars
The talented Mr.Matti, after losing all his work due to a computer problem, is now working on a Red Faction remniscent, not so serious, 2d side scrolling game. The game looks really awesome, even though some images are made as a collage.


Alisa Tana, yeap, a sort of an unknown person, is about to make Street Fighter out of AGS. Based on a Nickelodeon cartoon I'm not really familiar with. But anyway there's a playable version HERE.
The game is in-production and about to be finished.

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