Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Release your demo(n)s!!!

Yep, I'm sure we've all had those games that haunted us or stopped working on them for reasons, we'd rather not tell. Probably because we're too proud to admit we're bored or exhausted making them. Anyway, it's time for you to release those demons and hear either the silence or someone say "Why did you stopped loving this game?". The topic can be found at the glorious AGS forums here.

Now off to see what people so far have made scream in the top of my room like a cheerleader.
-Private Puddin's Comfort Quest:

-Nihilyst EGA goodness:

-Zabnat's Sam and Max background of some sort:

-JBurger's Space abandoned project art:

-Ryan's MAGS entry that never was:

-Space Piraite Caine's show-off of some really cool looking pixelated boobies!!!:

Nah, just kidding..we can't show them of here..:D

-ProgZMax's really cool looking game:

-Hofmeier's demo of his upcoming game:

Note: Some images contain download links(Have fun)

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  1. I feel weird, but from all these beautiful piccies the EGA one is my favourite. Go figure.


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