Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Egress: Or How Did We Miss That?

Personally I blame the AGS forums being down. Cause we missed, well, I did at least, Egress. Dane Krams, or Sughly, made this FP adventure game, very similar to the MOON (Sam Rockwell movie plx), but generally affected by all kinds of sci-fi greats.

I won't lie, I just started playing the game, cause I just noticed. But, some people, probably with accounts like IRNOTREPORTER or LURKER12 did. And they posted for their blogs/sites.


  1. A lovely game indeed dear Dualnames. You're bound to enjoy it. Oh, and thanks a ton for the mention!

  2. Haha, thanks Dualnames! Hope you like it...

  3. @Gnome: Always a pleasure to mention my reliable sources :D

    @Sughly: No problem, mate.

  4. Gave up on the second puzzle.

    Slow response time is unnecessary punishment.

    I read on another blog that there's a hint in the animation, but I'm not about to wait through the opening to see it.

    Tedious game, wish I had read reviews on it on other blogs first.


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