Sunday, June 5, 2011

JJS + AGS + Indy = Fountain of Youth on the PSP

This isn't the prank with the iPod, this is actually real. Thanks to CJ releasing the source code, and JJS making the port to PSP, and subspark porting Fountain of Youth, we have the single most amazing thing till now.

In case you miss it :P


  1. Hey, all those six videos seemed exactly the same to me!

  2. I have gotten a couple ags games to load on my psp, but it crashes shortly into any game. It seems to be quite buggy still.

  3. I am very happy playing AGS Games in my PSP, until now I had never heared about AGS.

    Try this games:

    King's Quest III remake, The McCarthy Chronicles, The Journey Down, most of Ben304's games, Technobabylon series, also Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator series...God it is really AGS = Fountain of Youth on the PSP. Check the new version (3.21 R6). Thanks JJS-AGS


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