Friday, June 3, 2011


Hola, cabron, estas bien? Nelly Cootalot, el juego de Ali, con tanto gráficos como textos han sido traducidos al español para que la nueva versión 1.6. And also it has been ported to 32-bit. So, if you haven't played the game yet, you better. Pardon my Spanish by the way.


  1. Muy exellente, Dobble Nombres!

    Well, my Spanish is probably worse than yours...

  2. Didn't understand a word of that... but thanks for the plug. I mean grasi... grathi... I mean... thanks for the plug.

  3. @CaptainD: LOL

    @Ali: No problem at all, my pleasure. I still haven't been answered my all time question about Nelly. Is she based on Bloodnose the Pirate (Wally) from the Curse of Monkey Island?

  4. No, she's based on my girlfriend! I would be offended, except that Wally and her are both very cute.

    In different ways.

  5. Thanks for answering that, it's been bugging me for years and years. :D

  6. I've never been able to look at Nelly the same way since she terrorized all the little sprites at the AGS Awards.

    "Ay dios mio! Ella es gigantesca!"

    (Pardon me for not knowing how to make those upside down exclamation points)


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