Sunday, May 15, 2011


It seems that a new craze similar to the Starcraft in Korea, has gotten over the AGS Forums. Anyone could say the idea behind it, is either the work of a genious or of a totally stupid person.
Regardless it's amazing how everyone has hugged this project.

Baron, the famous ags member, thought of the following formula, initially wondering if it's doable.

"I figure it will take me another 1000 hours to finish my game. Then I got to thinking, if I could only amass a swarm of 1000 fellow AGSers then we could knock the whole thing off in just 1 hour. To summarize:

Man-Hours for Project =1000
Number of Men = 1
Hours to Project Completion =1000

And we increase the number of men, so:

Man-Hours for Project =1000
Number of Men = 1000
Hours to Project Completion =1

And suddenly since last week, everyone started contributing stuff!
So all you need is to dedicate one hour to do what you choose to do. From character art, animation, background art, writing, coding, music, sound effect, anything goes!!

Here, do your thing and be immortalized into what can be named as the most awesome thing ever.

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  1. Well it will be interesting to see how this turns out but it has pretty much been proven that the number of people working on a software project does not effect how long it takes to complete.


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