Saturday, May 21, 2011

King's Quest and Technobabylon are the Roaring Night

It appears that the Indiegames WEBLOG did a very spoiled review of Technobabylon, whereas spoiled means that I'm warning you, they spoil everything from the first paragraph.

They seem to share my opinion though, which is something you all should consider. That my opinion is a rule and a standard. Anyhow, enough self-worship. Read all about it, here.

And we also seem to have a review that took me a while to spot, so it's probably old news for some of you that frequent Adventure Gamers more than I do, but oh well.

If the title doesn't make any sense at all, please let me know. And I'll inform SSH to use his leather whips on me.

Read some about it, by not clicking


  1. The pictures
    used are too
    big to put
    words beside
    as it makes
    it very hard
    to read.

  2. Point made. :P. I wonder how I missed this...must be the strong and heavy whips on my back.

  3. Actually, the description on the download links over at Big Blue Cup mention the same things I did as well. I actually used that as a measuring stick for what was spoiler-ific or not. Apologies about that. =/

    -Cassandra Khaw


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