Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Post of the Mont-eh...Week: Steve McCracken is a Collateral Quantum Jelly with a Longevity Gene..

Well, back from the chain gang and all..

Games to poo your pants with excitement about:
-Dan McKracken and the Lonely Sea Monster:
Lunique Dan, the canadian hellraiser of the AGS forums, has decided to work on this game. And put some of his skills and love into it. Go Danny Go!!!

Midian Design, who I've also never heard of, has in production a real eye candy. And a proportional major fun game. The graphics are good, the writting seems to be of some quality, all we need is a release date. And a calendar.

-Collateral Gelly:
You are Willow. You are a girl. You also seemed to be crazy and have your hands behind your back. A definitely interesting idea and can really work out some cool puzzle mechanisms with it, says I, that Ghost has found this time. The art is quite different from what I've been used to by Ghost but it fits well. The dialogs are making me laugh even from the screenshots...

-The Longevity Gene:
Markbilly returned with some really good artistic skills and this game looks really good and exciting. It also seems to be a remniscent of BASS. The character art is really really detailed and well done. As for the story, as a usual thing in adventure games you find yourself without remembering a thing.

-Modules to check out
SteveMcCrea has released within a month the best modules I've seen in the whole time I've been spending in the forums.

-Panorama 3D

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