Friday, May 22, 2009

Rock N Roll Kid meets his Downfall and Breakdown..

An entry for the April 2009 MAGS competition, and a really nicely done and funny made game. The story is the engine breaks down, you have to fix it. That simple. It contains some really funny cutscenes and it's definitely a must if you want to have some fun. The puzzles might trouble you a little bit. But they're quite logical. And as most people failed to find out it contains two referent objects to Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy game.

Rockabilly Kid or How Bad Can you want to Hung out with people?:

Mazooliin created a very nice entry based on this month's rules and guidelines. Klaus is also performing in the game as a non playable character, created to promote the plot. It's a very nicely drawn fun little game, Maz has come up with to win the MAGS. We wish him best of luck.

-We're not getting paid for this promo- (we wish we did)

Grim Reaper has released his horror adventure commercial game, a game remniscent of the silent hill series, but it's really cool looking and stylish. You can play the demo here, or just go the game's website and order it.

Alternatively there;s a video

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