Monday, May 11, 2009

5 years an ass--a MAGS host

Well, no Yahtzee didn't return to the forums for this month MAGS competition, and no.. he didn't draw the picture above, and no, well drop it already...nothing of this has to do with Yahtzee alright. But let's make the mist around the MAGS competition for May dissolve.

* Only classic point and click adventure games are allowed.

* As the topic is "5 years a mags host" a "host" should play a main part in the story. For example:

+ A host invites a number of people and is suddenly killed... - remember "Murder by Death"?
+ A (g)host story based in a hotel - maybe a mix of "Psycho" and "Hotel California".
+ A dog hosts a number of fleas that want to take control of him - "Nanobots on a Dog" Wink
These are just examples - no need to go for these ideas. You're totally free in the way you include the host. The host does not need to be the player character.
+You visit SSH's house and he kicks you out because he hates people. Especially humans.

Prize?! Oh, yes apart from the glory, honour and the like, you get...(drums go here):

All these inventory items can be yours - for real! That's the prize for the winner of this month's competition!

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