Monday, September 1, 2008

MAGS is all broken!

ProgZMax won the Retro theme of August's MAGS and chose "Broken Game" as this month's theme. Make a game that is deliberately broken in some way but make it happen in a good way. Sounds hard!

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  1. Sounds easy to me. Find a great story, bundle it with an un-tested gameplay mechanic, one of those mechanic you always wanted to try but end up trashing at the last second because it wouldn't be implemented properly or would annoy your average adventure gamer more than anything, like a fighting sequence, and tada! You have a truly broken yet excellent adventure game and you win the contest! Or your untested gameplay mechanic ends up being awesome and your game will be forever remembered because of that. Win-win scenario!

    For more info, play META, Quest for Yrolg, Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

    Excellent story and graphic with super difficult and illogical puzzles works too. Ruining a game is easy, what won't be easy is to make sure your game still shine enough to get votes.

    Interesting competition!


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