Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dreams get shattered (sometimes)

It's always nice to have a dream to the impossible. To protect it without telling everyone, to approach it with all your means and the power of your heart. To keep it as it was, non-realistic. To occasionally watch it draw itself away from you, slowly and abruptly getting shattered in front of you, unable to react. And then, you are at a crossroad. You either go against even worse odds than before, or you slowly - gradually realize the aching truth. Perhaps, you wonder, it wasn't meant to be. Perhaps you were wrong about it from the beginning, but you somehow let the excitement get the best of you.

Perhaps perhaps perhaps.

Where were you when we were getting high?

But what if you're wrong. What if this is hardenship you're forced to overcome, and you're only being disheartened by a simple obstacle? Don't we all sometimes focus on the problem itself and not on its solution? Isn't the possibility that this could be the last obstacle to ever come between your goal, alluring to say the least? Thrilling? Doesn't it make you wonder how many times you've given up right at the end, never knowing how close you actually were? Why let your dreams be fictions of your imagination when you can give them physical presence and existence?

It's always a hard place to be, right in the middle. Especially when hope is gone.


  1. I am not talking about me, I am only talking.

  2. Brazil tag.... Is it related to World Cup or to terry Gilliam? Talking about dreams I guess the second one.

  3. It was inspired by Brazil (both the movie and the soccer squad), so, I found it interesting to write a bit about expectations coming short.


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