Monday, March 3, 2014

AGS Live Ceremony via IRC

First, apologies for last's years absence, I was in the army. And the year before that we had some terrible issues that kind of rubbed me the wrong way, I meant to abandon this.
But then again, I was reminded that this is not my idea, I use a medium made by someone else to project a vision made by someone else.

 Wyz deserves credit for this, the man single-handedly made this possible and I  seem to be getting undeserving claps. Also, this wouldn't be possible without bicilotti, even if he wants to be the most annoyingly modest person about this.

So TL:DR, the AGS Awards will be held on that small place that will all have missed. 

I've implemented stuff that nobody got to see two years ago, and I've also updated several. So here's a list of what's new:

1) Added buttons for turning music and sound on and off.
2) Added loading screen (practically the first AGS loading screen of all time that CJ didn't code)
3) Switched connect after you put the nickname to make sure you don't send too much data beforehand and instead just send them all at once, when you actually join.
4) Reduced the number of commands sent by each client when someone joins from 4 to 0, as a bot (I coded that bastard) now handles data and instead of everyone lagging on joins, now just the guy who joins experiences slowdowns.
5) Screen graphic, awards text and song, properly gets set when you join, without lagging everyone.
6) The ceremony now features Daft Punk and currently 4 new songs.
7) Laugh track
8) Lesbians (you know it)

9) Lifted limit of entrants from 60 to 70 (Thanks nemo)
10) Added the following avatars: 
 LeChuck, Bernard (DOTT), gabriel night (no typo)

11) Added a notification button, now whenever your nick is referred.

How to IRC
Connect to irc://

Download the AGS IRC Live Ceremony

*Warning THIS is a stable version but do check for the topic till the ceremony, the files may get updated with bug fixes or new features*

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