Monday, February 3, 2014

MAGS January offers a handful

This month's MAGS has beared fruit to 5 games, all under the following theme set by Captain D, selmiak, and Emont:

The game should have COLD as a major feature of the game in whatever way the game authors decide; the main element of the game should revolve around something that happens under ground (BURROWED) (be it the turtles or beeing buried alive or a cave adventure or whatever the author comes up with) and the color PINK should have an important role too.

Don't Drink the Pink by Hobo
Rex and Sissi in Pink Cult by Robin Gravel (Volcan)
Pink Sky by HanaIndiana
The Ice-Cream Mystery by Dmitry Stefantsov
A-Mused by LostTrainDude

Click on the game title to download or you could be a smart pumpkin and download in a bundle

It's good etiquette to play all the games and vote for the one that took your heart. 

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