Sunday, June 30, 2013

AGS Recognition of the Month for June 2013: Ivan Mogilko

Its not everyday that someone is acknowledged for their hard work. We certainly appreciate what people do for us. However human nature sometimes allows us to forget to honor/commend or even acknowledge those that do work hard for us, especially those that do it for free so that others may enjoy the fruitage of their works. While Chris Jones should have the lifetime recognition award, I thought that as something new, I would present a little column showcasing who of the AGS Community stood out to me personally during the month of June. This entry would be the first of an on-going acknowledgement series.

It truly was not difficult for me to pick the first to be acknowledged in this regard. It gives me great pleasure to say that this months recognition goes to Ivan Mogilko, also known as Crimson Wizard on the AGS Forums. He has taken tremendous time from his life and generously donated it to improving Adventure Game Studio going as far as refactoring the code, fixing bugs, implementing features and in general just spearheading the development as a whole. Not an easy task as taking on such a project also creates a rather large demand and puts pressure on said individual. This month alone he has put in 23 commits to the AGS repository, not to mention the innumerable hours that went into making sure his commits worked behind the scenes before applying them. Furthermore, Ivan is actively discussing the future of AGS with the community, humbly listening and applying suggestions, complaints and bugs while spending countless hours thinking of the best approach so that everyone can remain pleased with the results of his work. A lot to take on, no doubt!

Ivan has shown us that he truly does care about the AGS Community and AGS in general. We owe him our gratitude. So Ivan Mogilko, to you, we say Thank you! You truly deserve the June 2013 Recognition of the month. Now get some rest and go on Holiday!


  1. That's a neat idea; there are too many unsung heroes over at the forums! Well deserved, Crimson- carry on being awesome!

  2. Thanks Ivan and congrats on this most prestigious award!

  3. Maybe what I will do every month is ask for recommendations as well and one can be picked for each month that way too. You are right Ghost, there are too many unsung heroes and they should be recognized for their hard work.

  4. I like this new feature. Can't wait to see who you cover next. :D
    [Keeping my fingers crossed for Icey! ;) ]


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