Monday, March 25, 2013

Vince sweeps the floor

No, he hasn't given up game making to become the AGS janitor, but instead he has won everything at the AGS Awards, including host bicilotti's hand in marriage (this may be made up)! Resonance swept pretty much every category it was in for, except best player character. You can see the full IRC Award log here. A few people got dressed up for the Awards too with special forum avatars.

Grundislav managed to grab both player and NPC awards, Ben304 got the short game gong and Lifetime Achievement, CaptainD won best demo (and thinks it means doom for his game), Ghost got best non-adventure, and JJS won the Innovation award for his awesome platform porting abilities. And of course, Resonance was helped by its awesome team including Nikolas Sideris, Shane Stevens, Dave and Janet and many others.

NB Winning 12 awards in one ceremony is a new record: well done Mr W!

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    Er... yes. Actually I still intend to finish the game, I plan to be one of the exceptions to the rule! :-D


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