Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Adventure "review" Puzzlebots

Is it just me or are Just Adventure's "reviews" just a cut-and-pasted description of the game followed by a rating with no reasons given whatsoever? And they spelled Puzzle wrong in the TITLE tag.


  1. Well, at times I suppose. Admittedly, there are some excellent JA reviews too.

  2. Sadly, JA+ has gone to hell. Sluganski stepped down from his editor-in-chief position, the old crew is nowhere to be found, and the new people who've appeared are just awful writers.

    With Quandary being dead for years, JA+ was the last bastion of good adventure games criticism. Now it's gone too...

  3. What's wrong with AdventureGamers, ketchua?

  4. They are just way too forgiving for my taste. Also, no core writing team, new people coming and going all the time. I tend to trust writers, not websites. :)

  5. People coming and going is the way of life. I know I would go mad if I had to stay in one place doing the same thing for years.

    btw Adventure Classic Gaming has many great writers that I love to read, like Philip Jong, Matt Barton or Jess Beebe, many of which are known for more cool things than just their articles.

  6. JA+ has always been terrible. Nothing new there.

    Adventure Gamers does have a core team of longtime contributors, like Jack Allin, Evan Dickens, Emily Morganti etc. More significantly, continuity and consistency is provided by Jack's editorship and the ratings policy.


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