Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kickstart(er) My Heart

VinceXII or Vince or VinceTwelve back a while, started a donation thing offering the following:
  • Never-before-seen screenshots
  • Never-before-heard music tracks
  • Some sneak peaks at awesome character animations.
  • An amazing wallpaper
  • A special video!"
With the help of Kickstarter, and those of course that pledged he got a fair amount that helped him pay some of his errands. Now you probably go boo! But just wait till you see a screenshot.

*Drum Roll*
One offer says this: For a 15$ Dollar or More, you can download the game for free when it's out!!!
And this time you can use the ol'PayPal account of yours!

More on the offers and certain info can be found at the XII Games Blog.


  1. All I can say is that VinceXII work is great, but all these donations things are pity...

  2. Please elaborate on your last comment.


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