Friday, April 23, 2010

Narcissist Quest: To find a good review

Abandonia Reloaded have a review of Cosmos Quest 1. And Harg tells us here and here and how anyone who gives bad reviews is dumb.


  1. There is a difference between "bad written review" and "bad review" for game quality. Reloaded also writes negative things. But AGS panel writes only negative things (with such passion) + 1 or 2 words about good things. For the game author this difference is huge.

  2. This guy is so lame and immature... All his cries about "my-game-not-liking" soap opera are getting more and more boring. I wonder if people like him have any real friends in real life. I personally strongly doubt it.

  3. Narcissism is inherent to every artist.

  4. Another example of bad written review by AGS Panel (Al Emmo reveiw):
    "The game shows promise but the grating voice acting of the main character and the narrator are almost unbearable. The jarring inconsistencies between the character art and the cutscenes also hurt the game, though if you can get past the voices you will find an enjoyable little game."

    Is this a joke. There are the comments about graphics, animations and all other great stuff in "Al Emmo". I don't understand why AGS Panel is so mean to the good games.


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