Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AGS History X: Lesson 1 - You thought I'd never find out

Well, it's bad news people. I have found the link to the old AGS forums. I'm going to track what I always craved, but in the meanwhile, your darker secrets are no good.

To help those following the blog remember:

Topic: "My music making days are over!!" by Mods
or well, let's go for a really cheesy one

Page: The best fact page. Sorry the really cool links don't work, but you will see the following:
-Announcement of the first RON game.
-Mods first attempt to Mittens
-Yahtzee posting in the AGS forums

Topic: "Where to go with these forums" by Chris Jones (Pumaman's secret identity.
See how Chris Jones moved the forums from Eg-zboards to UK.

Topic:"Evil Night" by Snake.
See what was Snake working on before Leitor's edge..

Also self-note: RickJ used to be rickj42? You sneaky!!


  1. Aren't you supposed to be getting THGTTG2 finished rather than mess about with ancient forums?!? :-D

  2. Hey! Don't hit me with that bat!

    You're right though..


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