Sunday, February 28, 2010

AGS Awards 2009 results

So, the best games of 2009 have been decided. Note that due to Dave not getting it in the games DB in time, Blackwell Convergence unfortunately wasn't eligible this year. Well done to bicilotti for his awesome hosting.

Anyway, Time Gentlemen Please, The Marionette and McCarthy chronicles all took 4 awards each, TGP getting Best Game. Congrats Zombie Cow, auriond and Calin Leafshade. Shifter's Box took 2 awards and one each went to Frantic Franko demo, Death Wore Endless Feathers, Aeronuts, AGS 180 Darts, and Shi-la of the Sith. Innovation award was given to Steve McCrea and Darth Mandarb got the Lifetime Achievement. Congratulations to all. A log of the IRC channel is here.

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