Friday, October 17, 2008

October Offings

In the offing for October, the following games from the "In Production" forum:

Eye of the Tempest

Radiant and Crystal Shard's latest stunning-looking offering is this Bard's Tale style RPG. Radiant's previous maze game, MOTLPAA, had somewhat less monsters in it but Lands of Lore fans should look forward to this and no doubt it will be up to Radiant's usual high standards.


This action game planned by new guy MAZAA will see you fly a spaceship round collecting stuff, we hope.

Stediddy in IP1

Another newbie, uncle-mum shows off some naive-style graphics and promises hot girls and untimely death.

Boryokudan Rue

This stunningly gorgeous-looking game that The JBurger is making looks like something worth waiting for. With graphics like this, who cares what the game is like! We certainly won't rue the day when this is released.

Fallen Legend

DazJ's low-cost commercial game looks lovely and is coming along well it seems. Some voice acting samples are available on top of the earlier demo. Release is planned by this Christmas so make sure you add it to your letter to Santa.

Dial F for Fedora

RON fans will love this... because its a RON game. Max Griff deals with another case in Brentimous's game as you can see in its teaser trailer download.

Stick Quest

Another newcomer, tombom62, presents stick figures in whiteboard-style in a short adventure, coming soon.

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